Solar Eclipse Fake Video

Giant Moon Eclipsing the Sun in Arctic is a Fake Video

A 30 seconds video of Gigantic Moon Eclipsing the Sun in the Arctic region between Russia and Canada went viral on the internet on...
Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers shutting down after 16 years of the reign

Yahoo Answers, a part of Verizon Media Group since 2017, is a website where people ask questions is finally shutting down after 16 years...
direct message inbox

Apple, Elon Musk & other High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked

On Wednesday night, Twitter accounts of big names got hacked which turned out to be a part of Bitcoin scam. The followers were trapped...

Peacock TV Launches today across U.S with 13K Hours of Free Content

Peacock TV is Comcast-based NBC Universal's new streaming service which has launched today across the U.S with its fully free tier. It also includes...
U.K Ban Huawei

U.K puts Ban on Huawei 5G Network Equipment

U.K government has decided to put a Ban on Huawei 5G network equipment. The decision of ban is based on a report about Huawei's...
Trump Ban TikTok

Trump administration is likely to Ban Tiktok in US

Trump government is pondering to Ban TikTok application in the US, based on security risk with the app. TikTok application is under the possibility...
Traffic Lights in Google Maps

Google introduces Traffic Lights icon in Google Maps

Google Maps is testing new features to include traffic lights icons in its Android app. This feature is currently available in Google Maps to...
Apple ARM-Based Macbook

Apple Introduces New ARM-based Macbook replacing Intel

Apple's first ARM-based Macbook will reach out to the market by the first quarter of next year. This year, WWDC was a vital moment...
Instagram Shop Tab

Instagram Tests Switching ‘Activity’ tab with ‘Shop’ Tab

Instagram is testing the switching of the 'Activity' tab with the 'Shop' tab. Global tests have been commenced since yesterday to add a "shopping"...
joe miller

Ex-League of Legends caster Joe Miller accused of Sexual assault

Criss Fowler, a former riot games employee, accused Joe Miller, an ex-EU League of Legends shout-caster and current ESL head of talent of sexual...