Every year Google comes with its latest Android version and this time it is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow have came with some very cool features listed below.


10 New Features:

USB Type-C

USB Type-C is new connector that comes with Android Marshmallow. It is quite fast and can be used in anyway. It allows fast charging in comparison to conventional cables giving a full charge to Nexus 6P in just two hours.

Google Now

One of the biggest changes to Android Marshmallow is made in Google Now. It looks same as before on screen but it is pre-packed into every area of operating system. Google Now works like a personal digital assistant and helps your where possible.

Android Pay

Android now has its own paying facility comes with Marshmallow allows users to add credit/debit card to pay for their bills and expenses. It is more secure as uses virtual account number instead of your card number and also keeps the detailed history of purchases made through it.

The best thing about the Android Pay is that if you have lost your phone then you can remotely wipe the card details through Android Device Manager.

Adaptive Storage

In previous version of Android storage was treated separately but now in Marshmallow it is treated as a part of storage memory giving you a greater storage to use.

Custom Tabs

Google Chrome is one of the best browser in Android and Marshmallow makes it further better by allowing developers to integrate it into third party apps. That means you don’t need to switch apps for browsing the web and you can do it directly from the third party app.

Permission System

Marshmallow have totally changed the permissions system for installing any applications. Rather than asking for permission at the point of install it now asks for permission when it needs.

This means that if your install snapchat and want to use camera then camera permission will be asked only when you use it for the first time not the point of installing the app.

Lock Screen Message

Lock Screen is now more customizable allowing a new textbox under the lockscreen time – a best space for placing motivational quotes, tags, important reminders and more.

Better App Experience

In previous versions of Android clicking a link asks for opening links through some apps but now in Marshmallow it is changed a bit as it intelligently opens the relevant links into relevant apps. So if you are opening a link of instagram then if will directly open it through its app instead of asking.

New App Drawer

Marshmallow has new app drawer makes looking for apps quicker and easier. Rather than scrolling sideways, now you have to scroll downwards. If you have too many apps installed there is search box at the top allows you to find any app quickly.

Smart Battery Saver

Smartphones such as Nexus devices comes with a range of sensors like fitness trackers and others giving you estimation of how many calories you have burnt.

Not only that with the new Marshmallow these sensor also detects if you device is moving or not resulting in putting the phone into deep sleep mode and also closing all non-essential tasks such as WiFi sync.

When you move the device again it will restart the functions again giving you more battery to last longer.