Domino’s to Introduce Robotic Unit for Pizza Delivery

Domino’s, the food giant company, has announced that it is going to introduce Autonomous Robotic Unit for its pizza deliveries in New Zealand claiming it to be World’s first Autonomous Pizza Delivery Vehicle.

Based on the idea from Military technology, Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) is designed to handle short distance deliveries with inbuilt GPS system. DRU also have sensors and lasers which help the robot to reach destination without assistance.

DRU is four wheeled robotic unit with two compartments, one to keep pizza hot and other to keep cold drinks, that travels with a speed of 20km/h and designed specifically to use footpaths,  trails and bike tracks instead of roads.

When a customer places an order, company put the pizza and drinks into compartments and locks it. When the DRU reaches the destination, customer can open the compartment by entering the security code that is provided to them via phone.

Company also said that DRU will also have “Security and Surveillance” system in order to avoid any mishaps or theft of this precious robots while making real world deliveries.

Domino’s says it all start in 2015 with a microchip and a big idea and finished with months of testing. Company also said that it working with New Zealand Government to build a legal framework so that they can start use the Robot in real World.

” With autonomous vehicles opening up possibilities for saving lives, saving time and moving goods more efficiently, we look forward to continuing our work in this field and leading the commercial trials ” Don Meij, CEO Domino’s Group

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