Google Maps on Android have recently launched it a new feature by which anyone can customize their locations or address by adding colorful sticker of your choice.


You can customize your home address as well as office address with stickers and not only you can also customize your gym address or friends place with that too.

There are almost 24 doodles currently, includes barn to igloos, castles and treehouses, which can be used to label the place you want to customize.

Process of customization is pretty simple. Just Sign in to your google maps and set the home or office address or the place you want to customize and then select the sticker that you want to use for the address and save it.

Google says that it very beneficial as you can use the one tap feature of driving mode and find the route to your desired place in seconds that you have customized.

Not only that Google have also stated that you can label the routes of your choice too. For example if you look up the best route to avoid traffic on your way to your kid’s school, you can now label that too for quick access to directions, traffic conditions, best routes and more.