One missing feature after the release of Microsoft Edge Browser was the addition of extension so that user can personalize the use of browser according to its needs.


Microsoft announced recently that it has now added extension in Windows Insider program to test the beta feature with Microsoft Edge Browser so that it can be rollout this feature later.

Microsoft initially have launched 3 extensions for test purposes. These extension are Microsoft translator, a Reddit extension and Mouse Gesture extension.

Each of these extension are installed manually and they can also be installed on Google Chrome as well due to their multi platform feature. Also developer can port in their extension from Google Chrome to Edge due this feature.

“We’re participating in the W3C Browser Extension Community Group’s efforts to define standardized extension APIs based on familiar web technologies,” says a Microsoft spokesperson

Today, we’re previewing our first step towards that goal.”

Extension will be available to users in Windows Store when this feature comes next year and Microsoft have promised that it also launch other famous extension like Adblock, Adblock Plus, Evernote and Amazon Lastpass etc.