Microsoft had previously removed its touch friendly version of Skype App from Windows 8 last year so as to build separate app for messaging and video call but it now seems that company have changed its plan again.


Microsoft said that based on feedback it has changed its plan.

“As the screen size gets bigger, large tablets, 2-in-1s and PCs for example, and you begin to use the apps, expectations shift and people want to limit app clutter,” – Skype Spoke’s person

Microsoft today have announced that it will be going to release beta version of its Universal Skype App for Windows 10 in coming weeks in its insider program which will work on cross platforms easily. It will be designed to give same user experience on both platforms, Desktop and Mobile with a simplified look and feel.

Initial version of this app will only have video calling and messaging feature but later versions will add group call feature, screen sharing and audio video messages.

After the release of this universal version we will have three different skype on same operating system at the same time but Microsoft says that it will merge them into one app later.

“Over time we will streamline all Skype for Windows 10 experiences into the Skype Universal Windows Platform app,” says a Skype spokesperson.