AVG mobile security team recently discovered a malware that hijacks your phone when you are switching it off. This malware is known as Power Off Hijack Malware named after process of shutdown hijack.


This malware functions during shutdown process and device remains functional even though it seems to have shut down properly.

Behind the black screen this malware takes over your phone and can make calls, send messages and can even access your camera application without letting you know.

Even android version Lollipop 5.0 is also affected with this malware and so are the older versions of android too. It is not yet confirm if Marshmallow if affected or not.

Around 10000 devices seems to have been affected so far and majorily are from China. Major reason of widespread is apps that are downloaded from stores other than Play Store.

While it is a bad news for android users but we have a good news too. This malware only affects smartphones which have been rooted while stock devices are not affected with this malware.

To protect yourself from this malware please check whether your phone is rooted or not. However if your is rooted than to protect your mobile from this hijack you just have to install AVG Mobile Antivirus.