Belgium Government requested people to avoid using communication channels which were overloaded after a series of terror attacks in Brussels city.


This warning was published by tweet from Deputy Prime Minister, De Croo, who said that Standard mobile connection in Brussels are overloaded as result of people trying to reach one another after the attacks.

De croo requested people to avoid using standard services calls and texts and urged them to use other services on data like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter or by WiFi connections.

In the same time, Facebook fan page of Govt officials also asked to people to minimize use of data or internet after such emergency situations.

This is a worth considering advise now as people try to connect with each other through standard connection and instead doing short conversation, they keep lines busy.

One solution to this is that you should use groups and emergency alerts like facebook safety check over internet to tell each other that you are safe and minimize the use of other things like online streaming during these emergency situations.