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Whatsapp Video Call Feature is Coming Soon to Devices

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Last year, 2015, we have started to hear that Whatsapp is going to launch Voice calling feature and so did the company launched. Now in the beginning to 2016 we are hearing that Whatsapp is going to introduce Whatsapp Video Call feature for its users and we are hoping this to be launched soon.

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While the company has still shown silence on that matter but sources tell that this feature is going to rollout to iOS devices first and then to Android versions and later to Windows Phones and others.

There are many images that are available on different sources about this story but image given below is from a better authentic source.

Whatsapp Calling Feature

Image above shows an incoming call and the other side showing attended call by the receiver.

If Whatsapp rolls out this feature – which it will have to in future, then it will become the strongest contender of Microsoft Skype which is yet the only app that provides quality video calls.

Currently there are 900 million users of whatsapp and definitely if this feature is rolled out we will see that it will cross the figure of 1000 million within a short period of time.

Facebook acquired Whatsapp last year for 22 billion and since than this app have grew its users and also have introduced many new features like Whatsapp Voice Calls, Whatsapp for Web etc.

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