In race of building slimmer and more powerful machines Hp seems to have taken lead by making Hp Spectre 13, commonly known as Hp Spectre laptop that it claims to be slimmest ever made laptop leaving Apple and Dell behind.


Hp Spectre 13 is just 10.4mm in thickness and weighs only 2.45 pounds while its rivals, Apple MacBook is 13.2mm and Dell XPS 13 is 15.2mm in thickness proving the claim of being slimmest made laptop.

Talking about the design, Hp Spectre 13 gives a premium laptop feel with a stylish look. When the lid is down you can see the back is made of grey aluminium with a shining new Hp logo and at the end of this is a bronze piece give shining contrast to its design. While bottom of its body is made of lightweight carbon fibre.

Hp Spectre 13 - 2

When you lift the lid, you will again see the shiny bronze bar covering the hinges and connecting the base with the display. Screen is blackish around corners with 1080p display while keyboard, which has backlit, and other areas have the same grey color with the button bottoms made a bit shiny.

Hp Spectre 13 - 5

Talking about features and performance, Spectre 13 is 13.3-inch, as the name suggest ,with a powerful 6th generation either a Core i5 or a Core i7 processor coupled with 8GB of RAM, and upto 512GB SSD storage in its models.

Battery life is quite good gives more than 9.5 hours of backup with a single charge but it is less than than that of its rivals like Apple Macbook gives upto 12 hours of backup and same is about dell Xps 13.

Hp Spectre 13 - 3

There are 3 USB Type C ports of which two of them support thunderbolt 3 and there is also headphone/mic jack all of which are at the back side which i don’t like.

The missing features in this laptop are the 4K display, Touch screen and non-detachable display. Hp said that it is going to start pre-orders from April 25th and will start shipping in May.

Price of Spectre 13 will be $1169 from Hp and will be $1249 at Best Buy. I forgot to mention, Hp had also announced two limited edition Hp Spectre 13 laptops that are Gold Plated and Diamond Studded designed by two famous designer, Tord Boontje and Jess Hannah.

Hp said that these two limited edition laptops will be will be sold separately and its proceeds will go to Nelson Mandela Foundation.