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Google Wants You to Name its Upcoming Android N


During Google I/O 2016, the tech giant announced to release its next version of Android named it in Alphabetical order with “Android N”.

Google did the same in history, named its Android versions with Android D for Donut, E for Eclairs, F for Froyo, G for Gingerbread, H for Honeycomb, I for Icecream Sandwich, J for Jellybeans, K for Kitkat, L for Lollipop,  M ,the latest one called “Android Marshmallow”.

Google also released the preview version of Android N this earlier this year and now is seeking to finalize the name of its next version.

Android N Contest:

Google is currently running contest in which people around the world will submit suggestions for naming the next version of Android N.

This time the alphabet is “N” from the alphabetical order. Google in the past named its Android versions after sweet stuff and it is definite that this tradition will continue.

More trending names on internet and social media are Android Nougat, Android Noodles, Android Nachos and Android Nerd but these doesn’t seems to be sweet stuff.

Well the final name to be picked from suggestions submitted by people around the world rest with Google’s VP of Engineering Dave Burke.

Last time and date to submit the name suggestions is 11:59PM PT June 8, 2016. We hope to see some good name coming soon.

You can submit your suggestions to Google here or leave a comment with your name suggestion in comment box below.

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