Opera today have introduced power saving mode to its desktop browsers in developer version with a claim that it will give 50% more battery life to your laptop than using Chrome browser.


When user is using its laptop on battery they will just need to activate the power saving mode by clicking on top right corner power saving mode icon and you are done.

Company said that initially this feature will be made available on Windows powered PC and it will be launched to other platforms afterwards.

Company stated that power saving has been achieved by range of tweaks including reduction of memory usage by the background tabs, paused & unused plugins and optimizing video playback.

Opera Browser Power Saving Mode

This figures come from tests performed on a Lenovo X250 laptop, running Windows 10 with a Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM.

The testing software opened up 11 “popular websites” in the browser, scrolling each five times, leaving them for a minute, and then closing the tab. This was repeated until the laptop ran out of battery.

The Verge reported that company performed these tests three times and took the average of them to reach this figure. During the tests its ad blocker feature was also enabled.

Opera is continuously working and adding new feature to its browser and if this battery saving feature works in real world then definitely it will be going to add more battery life to laptops giving improved user experience.