Opera previously introduced free vpn service to its browsers and now company came up with built-in Ad blocker to block ads in mobile and desktop browsers.


Now you don’t need to install any third party ad blockers to block ads. Opera claims that its built in Ad blocker not only blocks ads but also makes browsing 45% faster.


Not only that opera say that it also saves the data usage up to 90%. Company has also introduced a new tool that allows user to test the loading speed of sites with and without ad blocker

Built-in Ad blocker is deactivated by default so you need to activate it before you can use. Like other features introduced by opera this one is also free.

How to enable Ad Blocker in Opera?

This is pretty simple. For desktop you need to go to setting and preferences and enable Ad Blocker option.

For Androids and iOS devices you need to tap on “O” and then turn on data saving feature and from there toggle “Block ads”.

On iOS devices ad blocking is available in Turbo saving mode while on Androids it is available in both modes.