Apple has recently been sued by a Chinese Company named “Baili” for allegedly copying iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus design in China.


A Chinese court granted Baili company an injunction that forced Apple to remove iPhone 6 from the stores shelves which Apple immediately appealed in higher court.

Higher court initially granted Apple to continue selling iPhone 6 until the court makes it own ruling for this case.

According to company it has launched its smartphone almost two years ago under the brand name 100+. The smartphone name under the brand is 100C which looks quite similar to iPhone 6.

This smartphone is Android powered smartphone launched in April 2014 according to company while iPhone 6 was launched in Fall 2014.

This is the main point that company raised in court on which court ordered Apple to withdraw iPhone 6 line from store shelves.

While in the past many companies had initially won the cases in lower courts forcing tech giants to remove their products but after appealing in higher court the cases are overturned.

This case is still pending in court and if Baili wins the case the Apple definitely has to remove its iPhone 6 line from their stores if Apple wins then definitely it can keep selling its iPhone 6 line.