Like all browser maker Microsoft is also trying to prove that its Edge Browser is that best one for users and this time it seems apparently that Microsoft has succeeded.


Microsoft has recently compared its browser with top three other browsers to prove that Microsoft Edge Browser consumes least resources of your laptop giving maximum battery life of your laptop.

There were two tests of which first test was under lab controlled environment measuring typical browsing behavior on popular sites likes facebook etc

While second test was real world time lapse video streaming on all the four browser across identical devices resulting Microsoft Edge Browser leading with more than 7 hours of battery timing.

Microsoft is clearly teasing other browser maker with these test that its browser gives maximum battery and trying to convince users to use Edge browser.

While on the other hand it still lacks some basic features like Browser Extension which Microsoft had announced to be coming to Edge Browser soon.

It might be possible that Edge Browser is giving this backup due to absence of these features. To make comparison fair and equal Microsoft should re-compare its browser in future after the introduction of these features to prove that it has the best browser.