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Opera Retaliates at Microsoft Battery Saver Test


Microsoft earlier this week showed in its lab testing that Microsoft Edge is consumes less battery in comparison to its rivals, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Company claimed that Microsoft Edge gives more than 40% battery in video comparison but Opera seems t be unhappy with the results.

Opera said in its blogpost that Microsoft has not revealed its full methodology, we were unable to replicate the same tests. However Opera reproduced its experiment and compared its latest test with last one.

Opera stated that developer version of its browser last for 3 hours and 55 minutes while Microsoft Edge browser last for only 3 hours and 12 minutes, almost a difference of 22%. Opera stated that results are same and Opera leads from rest of its rival browser.

Opera also revealed how its browser’s battery saving feature works and disclosed that during the test battery saver and ad-blocking features were also enabled.

Its clear from the opera’s response that the fight between these two browser making companies has just started and will go far away but the other rivals seems not interested in these kinds of test.

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