Whatsapp new voice calling feature today had reached its first major milestone of 100 million calls per day – that’s over 1100 calls a second.


Whatsapp introduced voice calling feature last year in April and it has just finished its rollout on iOS, Android and other platforms.

These number seems quite impressive as there are total of more than 1 billion users of Whatsapp across the globe that made it the most popular messaging application.

Whatsapp has been in news due to continuous introduction of new features like Whatsapp Web, Desktop Apps and most anticipated video calling feature that is yet to come.

Whatsapp on reaching this milestone stated in the blogpost

Today, more than 100 million voice calls are made every day on WhatsApp – that’s over 1,100 calls a second!

We’re humbled that so many people have found this feature useful, and we’re committed to making it even better in the months to come.