Facebook seems to be very serious about its mission to connect the world over internet and to do that they have now introduced OpenCellular Wireless Project that brings internet to remote areas.

According to Facebook, OpenCellular consists of two systems, one for general purpose and baseband computing, and one to handle the actual radio.

Not only OpenCellular will provide wireless internet access from anything between 2g to LTE but also can be used as local network too.

Facebook also says it will open source the hardware design, firmware and control software for OpenCellular so that telecom operators, entrepreneurs, researchers and OEMs will be able to build their own versions.

Deployment of these devices is expected to be in remote areas with harsh conditions like extreme temperatures and heavy rainfalls or high winds.

“One of the reasons the expansion of cellular networks has stalled is that the ecosystem is constrained,” Facebook engineer Kashif Ali writes.

“Traditional cellular infrastructure can be very expensive, making it difficult for operators to deploy it everywhere and for smaller organizations or individuals to solve hyperlocal connectivity challenges. It’s often unaffordable for them to attempt to extend network access in both rural and developed communities.”


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