End of July is approaching and after the date you need to pay to update your older Windows operating system to Window 10. The 29th July 2016 is the last chance, after with the Microsoft will charge for the update. Then it will not remain nothing more than a paid update.

Then it will cover the amount of $119 for the Home Edition. In the case of the Pro version you will need to pay $199. For those who would like to switch from Windows 10 Home to the Pro version, it will change $99.

With the new system we can also monitor how Microsoft slowly depreciates older Windows 7, which is but still indispensable tool for some users when working.

On 31st October 2016, Microsoft will officially end with the sale of OEM Windows 7 Professional, which will replace the new models and will get blessed with Windows 10. The official end of support for Windows 7 is scheduled for early 2020.

Microsoft also announced that there will be free Anniversary update which will be available to download on August 2nd 2016. This update will include some new features like Windows Ink together with security updates and better cortana features.