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Android Malware HummingBad Affected 10 Million Android Devices


Earlier this month security researchers from checkpoint published a report on newly discovered malware called HummingBad that infected 10 million devices globally.

According to report the company involved is Yingmob which runs legitimate Chinese advertising analytics company, sharing its resources and technology alongside.

The group is highly organized with 25 employees that staff four separate groups responsible for developing HummingBad’s malicious components.

The group seems very successful as it has generated $300,000 per month in fraudulent ad revenue which was obtained by selling access to devices under their control to the highest bidder.

Mostly the devices infected are located in China and India while most infected operating systems are Kitkat and Jelly Beans

How to Rid Your Device of HummingBad?

First you need to check if your device is infected. You can do this by installing and running a scan of your device by any of the security apps for your Android device.

If you’re infected, then follow the steps to perform a complete factory reset. Remember Factory reset removes everything from device and set it back to factory setting.

Steps to do a factory reset is given below

  • First create a backup of the data and content.
  • Tap on Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset on your phone/tablet.
  • Tap Reset phone or Reset device. This will start your device in Recovery mode, and initiate the wiping process.
  • Your phone will reboot once the process is done.

Hopefully this will remove hummingbad malware from your device.

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