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Apple will help you locate lost AirPods via “Find My iPhone” App


Finding your lost AirPods can be quite worrisome task. Fortunately, Apple takes care of your worry and is releasing Find My AirPods feature in its coming update iOS 10.3 beta.

To find your lost airpods, you need to go your iPhone app “Find My iPhone” and it will not only show the location of your earbuds via maps but it can play sound on one or both of the earbuds like it does on iPhone, iPad etc.

There are some limitations here too, as these earbuds are wireless so you will definitely need charging and bluetooth range to give you the latest location and sound feature to work.

If your earbuds are out of the range or charging then the app will show the last location used on your iOS devices that are connected to iCloud account.

Surely this feature was necessary for these quite small & wireless AirPods as the replacement cost $69 and you are going to save them.

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