Since Donald Trump have joined the office, a wave of social media tweets have came up with people calling for the assassination of newly elected President Donald Trump.

These posts are mostly jokes, trolls or sarcastic and some are hyperbolic but these are lot of them. In a search by Dataminr for the phrase “Assassinate Trump” more than 12000 tweets showed up.

While most of the people who tweeted these kind of tweets were not contact by anyone but NBC news reported that a Ohio man have been arrested about repetitive tweets and have been charged with threatening life of President

Similar news have came up from Associated Press news reported that a woman from Kentucky is under investigation by U.S Secret Service for this kind of tweet.

While thousand of the post that have used “Kill” or “Assassinate” word are still up on social media, Twitter have a policy to take down threatening post and they have said that they are taking down repetitive posts.


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