Samsung today have unveiled it latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus at the official launch event at the Lincoln Center in New York City. While most of the details about these smartphones were already leaked ahead of launch but today we see all the rest of the its features together with confirmation of past leaks.


Without any further delay let’s have a look at the features that Samsung have offered in 2017

Design & Display:

Samsung Galaxy S8 stands at 5.8” screen size while if you think it’s still small than Galaxy S8+ comes with even bigger size of 6.2” screen size. Both the phone variants have been rumored to have infinity display which means that the a bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen resulting in a uninterrupted, immersive experiences.

The notable feature in both the Galaxy S8 variants is the absence of old style home button which is now replaced a pressure sensitive home button with software keys inside the screen. While rest of the screen is as usual, front top has sensor placements along with the front camera and the IRIS scanner.

Back side of these phone have a little bit changes, as the home button is gone so touch sensor has been placed on the back side next to camera which means your camera may get lot smudges. Rest of the buttons and other stuff is same except the new button below volume keys for activation of Bixby, Samsung’s new assistant.


Camera for both variants of Galaxy S8 have been improved much. On the front side of screen you have 8MP camera with an F1.7 lens together with auto-focus feature. Back camera is same as in previous year, 12MP with same F1.7 lens.

Image capturing now has a pro mode which helps you take photos like professional camera as it improves the ISO, Shutter speed, Exposure, Color tone, Manual focus, and WB (White Balance). The cameras also have Bixby Vision integration which can be used to scan and return information.


Security has a two new additions, Iris scanner that recognises your Iris while the other option is facial recognition that recognises your face to open your smartphone. While the other options are also available, which are fingerprint scanner, pattern, password or PIN for locking your smartphone.

Performance and Storage:

The Galaxy S8/S8+ features the world’s first 10nm processor in a smartphone, it promises 10% increase in overall performance while GPU is 50% more capable and its power consumption is reduced by 20% compared to last year’s model.

Both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will come in 2 variants featuring either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor or the Exynos Series 8895 chip, depending on the region. For now Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has 4GB RAM which is same as of last year model but we are expecting to see a 6GB RAM variant on launch.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ have an internal storage capacity of 64GB which is extendable up to 256GB micro SD that Samsung have recently introduced.

Battery, Connectivity & Security

With Samsung Galaxy S8 you get just a 3,000mAh battery whereas with the S8+ you get 3,500mAh of battery capacity. USB Type-C seems to the norm now and it is no surprise here that the Galaxy S8/S8+ features a Type-C charging port.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ features your regular connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct etc. However, this time the flagships also support 1024-QAM and a Cat.16 LTE which means that you will be able to have faster downloads and network speeds, 20% more than the Galaxy S7 to be precise.