Wikileaks released some new documents named as “Dark Matter” relating to CIA’s hacking of Apple products i.e iPhones and Macbooks today. These documentation contain several CIA projects to infect Apple Mac firmware developed by the CIA’s Embedded Development Branch (EDB).


These documents contain the techniques used by CIA to gain access on Apple Mac devices, including Macs and iPhones and demonstrate their use of EFI/UEFI and firmware malware. Among these documents there is a project named “Sonic Screwdriver” which is explained by CIA as

“mechanism for executing code on peripheral devices while a Mac laptop or desktop is booting allowing an attacker to boot its attack software, for example from a USB stick, even when a firmware password is enabled”

Other projects include implants which install themselves in the computer’s firmware interface, making them undetectable through conventional forensic techniques and a “beacon” tool designed to be installed on an intercepted phone before purchase.

Most of these documents are more than seven years old which means that the new products are not be infected by them but these documents shows CIA’s persistent effort to find and make use of weakness in Apple products.