Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are now almost 3 months old but the Bixby–the virtual sound assistant, the much rumored and contradicting feature, has not been made functional since the release of the flagships.

However, the feature gathered much recognition even before its release, haphazardly, some said it right that the signature spec will be available only when it will be launched officially by the company, OR, some said that the assistant will make it to the user’s phones with the arrival of a new update; both were right!

Bixby assistant is only active for Korean users, but now the struggles of the company are about to show up as new reports address an actual date for the launch of the signature feature.

Samsung’s most-anticipated feature seems to be fuelling up to blow Apple’s Siri away, as the company claims that the users will be able to control their phones by giving voice commands. Also, it will let its users do the same tasks through the voice assistant, they used to do by touching the screen. So, we can expect the upcoming feature to be worthy enough to pay off our long wait.

Bixby launch

ImageSource: Reddit

Previous reports depict that the delay was caused by teaching the device its key language, English; however, a Reddit user, who claims to have access to Samsung’s internal happenings have posted a screen shot, according to which the signature feature will be launched on July 18th. Moreover, the email suggests visiting Bixby Webinar to learn Bixby.

If the news is true, we are truly excited about it as the world will be finally able to experiment with the voice commanding through Bixby on their Galaxy S8 phones.

The future devices of Samsung including Note 8 will also be incorporated with the signature feature of the Korean mobile making company.

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