We are living on a myth that by closing apps on our iPhone can really save its battery life. So, let me tell you that swiping apps off the display ain’t gonna work to save your battery and it never ever did.


According to an Apple blogger and podcaster, John Gruber, closing apps is the single biggest misconception about iOS, the software that runs our iPhones. Even executives of Apple also smashed the myth.

In the last year, an Apple fan, Caleb sent an email to CEO of the company, Tim Cook, asking, “Do you quit your iOS multi tasking apps frequently and is this necessary for battery life? In response, Craig Federighi, the head of software development at Apple, replied the email saying: “No and No. :-)”

Apple has demystified about that delusion many times but people still don’t understand. However, earlier this month former Apple technician and Martian Craft CEO, Kyle Richter wrote an extensive explanation regarding the error iPhone users have been following since a long time that closing apps can save your phone’s battery life or not?

He explained that when you are closing the apps for the longer battery span, you are actually consuming it. It goes opposite by draining the battery life of yours smartphone. Modern phones have an expectancy to keep an app suspended forever due to their enough memory storages, so from now on you do not have to worry about it. It is better to avoid the repetitive opening and closing of the applications, otherwise, you will drain enough of your battery unintendedly.

We are surprised that this myth has also been suggested as a precautionary tip by many reputed tech publications and websites, but it has no basis behind and is totally dead logically, so stop closing the apps hastily.or the next, break the habit and close your apps but less often on your iPhone. Or maybe email an Apple official to get a better and convenient response.

For the next time, break the habit and close your apps on your iPhone but less often like you usually used to do. Or maybe you can send a questioning email to any Apple official to get a better and convenient response.