We expect the upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 to cover up every scar from the past caused by its predecessor, Note 7, as it has gone through plenty of battery explosions which ultimately devastated the company’s reputation and even inhibited the availability of the product in the market.

But now, everyone is looking forward to the Samsung’s new flagship Note 8 which is somehow observed to be one of the most modern phone so far.

As we know, the release date of the most-awaited phone is not so far, several quirks and leaks are all the way clamoring regarding the shape, design, and features of the phone.

Major Leaks

Note 8 reveals

Galaxy Note 8 claimed by press render

Latest reveals that are claimed as official press renders of  Note 8  by a credible Vietnamese source Tung Ha who has a reliable record of providing somehow authentic leaks. The guy has shared changed design of the phone on his famous Facebook page.

According to the renders the updated features can be:

  • 6.3-inch is large screen with large Infinity Display
  • Changed shape of 19.5:9 aspect ratio
  • Dual Cameras
  • A rear fingerprint sensor placed a bit more distant from the camera sensors
  • The headphone jack has the same placement

From all the aforementioned features and the picture provided by the official renders hints that the fingerprint scanner placement will be settled in an array along with the dual camera and the LED flash, once the fingerprint sensor was rumored to be placed at the bottom of the OLED screen but now it seems the design may confuse us a bit.

Note 8 cases by Senfeng

Leaked upcoming commercial Galaxy Note 8 cases by Sanfeng

Moreover,  a commercial Chinese case maker San Feng got his cases leaked at a Chinese treasure trove website Weibo.com which match with the above mentioned Ha’s renders and all these new reveals are taking us into serious doubt in guessing the subsequent design of Note 8.

Well, all the murmuring rumors will be confirmed once the South Korean mobile company will release its Galaxy Note 8, reportedly in August, ahead of iPhone 8 launch. So, let’s grab some popcorns and see who wins the race of technology in the year 2017.

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