It seems the Facebook marketing folks are planning an enormous expansion in their business. As according to Bloomberg, Facebook TV will broadcast the very partnered shows in the coming two weeks. TV partners are asked to present the prime episodes of their “spotlight” shows. These shows are owned by those media firms that have collaborated with Facebook in the new thingie, also these transmissions will be inexpensive with a duration of 5 to 10 minutes. The giant social media will take 45% of the whole ad revenue generated.


In a question, a Facebook official explained that the website will launch its own 20-30 minutes shows in future, that will be held by FB only.

The announced partnered companies involve Group Nine Media, BuzzFeed, ATTN, and Vox Media. We are much excited about what these shows will come up with for our entertainment.

Reportedly, these TV shows were decided to be launched in June, but due to some unknown reason they delayed them to August and further expansion of these transmissions are also expected.

Facebook TV will be a midway to intelligent entertainment, somehow similar to the YouTube videos, but a bit less competitive than Netflix and HBO.

The giant media site depicted that it requires a huge revenue backup from the advertisers to prevail the idea of its TV shows, and surely, the social media platform would gather a mass of ads revenue from the News Feed and from Facebook Messenger as well, in the future.