iPhone 8 construction seems to be wholly centered in the decision making of what new security measure or feature whether Touch ID or facial recognition system, should be incorporated into the new phone. In the crunch time going on, Apple does not look like to be prepared for the launch of its flagship which is already a late date.


According to some experts, the giant company is still disentangling the knots to work out how and where to fit its Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the most-anticipated edge-to-edge OLED display of the upcoming iPhone 8, just like Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Touch ID dilemma of iPhone 8

The company is not even sure about placing the fingerprint scanner on the front or the back or maybe they will completely remove it, or instead, they will be introducing the modern 3D facial recognition system. But placing the fingerprint reader on the rear side is not a good idea as Galaxy S8 did not get much hail on placing the sensor absurdly behind its body. And when it comes to Apple users that are more critical in evaluating every little spec of their phone will definitely be fretting over the dislocated Touch ID.

iPhone 8 3D facial recognition

On the other side, facial recognition is another option, but the company has to cut knots and figure out which system would perfectly fit considering the security concerns of Apple Pay and the other money transfer system that are signed to Apple’s payment designs.

A previous report by an investment publications, Barron’s (via Mac Rumors), suggests Apple that the company has only a pair of weeks to solve the mystery, otherwise, further delays will cause their earnings at risk.

Moreover, according to reports, discarding the Touch ID and relying totally on a 3D facial recognition system is just like an illusion at the moment as explained at Barron’s, “we believe Apple’s facial recognition solution should work from many angles and in low-light environments. However, it would not work without clear line of sight to the user’s face. Even if this encompassed just 5% of login scenarios, it would mean that several times a day the new iPhone would perform worse at an elemental feature than older iPhones, which would risk push-back from consumers.”

Well, things are still unclear and apparently, the launching date which was September and now it is expected to be over delayed. While the company will soon release a pair of updated devices called the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus at the decided date of release.