OnePlus 5 emerged on the screen with a boom but since its launch, numerous rumors and complaints have diluted its charm, which now seems to fade away. We have heard a lot of blunders about the OnePlus such as the cheating scores at the benchmark that were denied by the CEO, disruption in the audio channel, jelly scrolling, and the most recent issue is the 911 emergency call bug.

The OnePlus personals have an immediate response and logical explanation about every issue and giving relative assurances as well. The company promised to fix 911 call error but nothing has been cleared to the users of OnePlus 5 by the Chinese mobile firm.

OnePlus 5 ads and notifications

The users did not get other issues resolved and a new blunder comes in front. Reportedly, the company has started sending annoying urged notifications and ads on the OnePlus 5 phones that pop up so suddenly that it actually grabs your attention, but as the users say, it is irritating!

The smartphone users have been saying that it is totally unethical and not okay to show up notifications and ads forcefully and they do not even care if the pings are about the phone itself. Most people are encountering this problem considering it spamming. Some have complained that they abruptly get more than 70 notifications. There are also fewer options regarding the annoying alerts that do not entirely disappear the ads. You can tap, dismiss, or choose “not now” but you can’t delete them at all.

Various Reddit threads are opened that are discussing the new issue. The company should know the users only want these ads to vanish away from their phone’s screens.

The mobile company has not uttered any official statement to resolve the new blunder and we are hoping they will fix the problem soon.

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