Samsung will be revitalizing its most devastated invention ever, Galaxy Note 7, in a good way. Reportedly, the mobile company has planned to recycle precious metals like gold and other rare material from the parts of Note 7 units for the reduction of waste material and also, the company aims to use these pieces in the new Note Fan Edition.

The South Korean giant is all set to retrieve 157 tons of gold, silver, cobalt, copper, and other rare metals from a huge number of dissipated smartphones of Samsung that were discontinued by causing massive battery explosions worldwide, last year. These recovered metals will be used in the variant of Note 7.

But if you are thinking that these metal pieces from the previous combustible phone are dangerous, there is nothing to feel frenzy because there would be different batteries this time.

As per the press release provided by the company, Samsung plans to pick all the components that are reusable and renewable as well; these include the OLED screen modules, memory semiconductors, and modular parts of the camera.

If we recall the resting in peace Note 7, it can be assessed as a nice phone, but, its battery overheating became the one disastrous reason to ruin the reputation of the mobile company for a shorter time, also, the supply of the product was inhibited due to frequent complaints of battery explosions by its users.

The Note Fan Edition is currently available in its native country, Korea, priced at 699000 KRW ($610).

Samsung mentions that “overseas sales will be decided later,” however, the upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 8 is presumed to be one of the most powerful phones on the planet Earth so far and supposedly it will fill every loophole created by its predecessor.