There are only a few weeks left in the launch of the Tesla Model 3 as the company has started doing the final work but there is so much to know about the upcoming flagship, so here we go!

Recent words by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk depicts, “the Model 3 can change the world…We believe we will eventually look back at the launch of the Model 3 …it will advance us to a new paradigm in transportation, car ownership ride-hailing, city development and energy usage.” These words via the Wall Street Journal, have totally inspired us to look ahead the launch of the innovative Tesla Model 3 car.

It is normal to see that how the world is becoming more autonomous and self-sufficient as the car company itself is oriented towards providing best battery systems, and electric vehicles with robust mechanical features. Tesla has been one of the driving forces to push other giant automobile companies to catalyze and advance their electrification systems.

According to some reports, Tesla’s production will grow vigorously as the growth of almost 100 in August, more than 1,500 by September, and ultimately 20,000 cars per month by December is expected to be produced by the company.  If this time Tesla fails to hit the edges or goes through some formal production issues, or maybe the demand for the Model 3 reduces in the market than it is possible that we may witness a downfall of the giant company at higher scales.

In addition, analysts claim that these reasons would not just drop down Tesla, but proly the entire electrification organizations will face a drastic shortfall.

Moreover, the upcoming Model 3 may encounter another hindrance in its sale as users today are more relying upon the SUVs and other rental car facilities that are gradually becoming the reason to decline the trend of sedans. Consequently, Tesla will somehow face a problem as according to some observers, their timing might be worse.

Good Luck to the company!

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