WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging service provider in the world, has been all set to facilitate its users.  As the messaging app lets its users send thirty photos at a time, videos, and even GIFS.

The application is becoming more fun and practical with its every new update. But what the popular app has come up with now?

The new update by WhatsApp will now enable its users, both Android and iOS, to send a file as big as 100 MB, of all types, whether MP3s or PDFs.

Looks like your life is going to become much easier as it is the handiest application you use daily and you would not have to open you Yahoo or Gmail ID, specifically, to send an email, it will be done in just a few seconds.

No matter, if you are a student or businessman, who have to send assignment or important emails to the correspondence, daily? Well, now it won’t be a biggie with this new feature!

Also, continuing the streak,  the Facebook-owned application has also introduced media bundling in the latest version of Android Apps and it is available also on iOs.

More impressively, Whatsapp gives you another ability; you will be able to fast forward or delete a group of photos you just have received by just selecting them as a whole. Other features include sleecting, seeing, and sending photos and videos via WhatsApp from its in-app camera. Moreover, you will be able to create a personalized gallery of photos on the messaging app as well.

The update has also modified the text format as when typing text in the chat bar, the users can conveniently turn the text to bold or italic by simply tapping and holding on the words they are writing.


These new features will definitely gonna gather a lot of hail from the app users.

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