The upcoming runner-up Hydrogen One smartphone of the professional digital camera maker, RED has reached the hands of a reliable source Marques Brownlee in a prototype form, recently this week.


The guy presented a video in which most of the features and design of RED’s smartphone has been exhibited– but still, the product is in beta form. The massive flagship of the digital camera making company would be the first ever holographic smartphone and the game changer’s price is the one key element which ultimately defines the significance of the phone.

Major Feature of RED’s Holographic Phone

According to above-mentioned video, we can expect the following robust features:

Display Modes/4-View content (H4V)

RED display modes

The modern device will carry a 5.7-inch “professional hydrogen holographic display.” That’ll be approximately similar to the rest of the top-notch smartphones on the market today, however, it will be just .1 inch smaller than the Galaxy S8. The wide display will allow the users to view 4-View content (H4V) content.


Moreover, the expected screen display will allow its users to view the 2D content normally at a full-screen resolution as well as H4V. The stereo 3D content could be seen through H4V, likewise the 2D and 3D VR, AR, and Mixed Reality content.

More Than Just Photography

H4V or “4-View” content will allow its users to play fun games besides just using it for photography and videography. H4V content will have its portal which will let the Hydrogen One users share, upload, download, and view the multimedia stuff on the website.

Hydrogen Systems Mods

This device will be able to connect to the other RED products. In order to connect to other RED Hydrogen devices, the smartphone will possibly have an array of sensing gold pins on its rear. In the HYDROGEN SYSTEM will have attachments “for shooting higher quality motion and still images as well as HYDROGEN format holographic images.”

Pocket Cinema Camera

As per the company suggests, the device will own a Pocket Cinema Camera. The founder of RED digital cinema company, James Jannard said, “ this device can and will be the future of small form factor cinema,” as quoted by MKBHD. Additionally, Jim inferred that the hallmarks of this device’s camera can also surpass the RED’s own bigger cameras.

Launch, Availability, And Price

Reportedly, we will see an apparently fully developed prototype with both the hardware and display designs within the next 30-45 days. While other prototypes of HYDROGEN SYSTEM mods are under manufacturing (like the one you see above), they won’t be available at the first launch event, most expectedly in Q1 of the year 2018.

The phone has different variants according to its finishing material; the Aluminum edition will cost $1195  and $1595 in its Titanium edition – as per the reports. That camera in the holographic costs around $15 thousand dollars you can separately buy it straight from an Apple Store. RED suggests that these prices may differ before the launch of the phone.