note 8

In the previous year, DisplayMate proclaimed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to have the best display it had ever tested. Now, the Note 8 has surpassed the compliments of its predecessor.

As DisplayMate mentioned, the Galaxy Note 8 is “the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display” it ever tested. While the group says that the display of the flagship has scored its highest ever A+ grade.

DisplayMate reviewed that the screen of Note 8 is 22% brighter than the Galaxy S8’s display, added with a much-enhanced display brightness of 1,240 units. Moreover, he noted better and accurate color contrasts, larger color ranges, and an intensified viewing angle performance in the very new phablet.

Further, the DisplayMate skeptically figured out specs and features of the grandeur phone of Samsung and also glorified its poly screen modes as well as the perfect accord of colors. He said, these features are “very useful” and should be opted by other mega smartphone manufacturers in the future.

It isn’t the first time that DisplayMate is praising the screen quality of the Samsung smartphones. Without any doubt, the specs of the Note 8 phone are stupendously remarkable and people have equally liked its well-crafted and drafted premium design as well.