There were many random rumors evolving about the release of Google’s owned Chromebook but with the latest report, we are somehow sure now.

It looks like with the launch of Pixel 2 smartphones, the tech intellectual firm is planning to release a latest Chromebook Pixel. This new machine will serve its users as a convenient notebook and the Google incorporated robust features will intensify the charm of the upcoming invention.  Involvement of Intel added a punch to the news!

Expected Features of Google Chromebook

From the previous year rumors, some superficial details about the Chromebook Pixel emerged on the internet. The notebook is expected to come holding a new operating system by Google, named as Andromeda.

The foreseen device will be 10mm thick, catering its users with the versatility of using an optional stylus accessory or using the machine via its touch screen — indicates a convertible device.


The most recent leaks regarding the Chromebook points to feature latest chipsets from Intel that are expected to harness the performance of the machine for multitasking along with a long battery life. Furthermore, the device will be carrying 8GB and 16GB RAM configurations.

The expected cost of the notebook could be $799

The incognito Chromebook is assessed to become a competitive rival of the standard devices in the field like MacBook Air and Surface Pro – Optional Stylus Accessory. Well, time will tell!

Take all this information as a grain of salt because no official reports has been provided by Google yet.

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