With the arrival of iOS 11, Siri will also get some new practical features out of which the Siri translation of words and phrases into a foreign language will be one of the most convenient peculiarities of the latest version of Apple.  This feature can prove very beneficial to those who often travel overseas. If a traveler needs a speedy rendering of words off and on he/she can use the new translation ability of iOS 11 very effectively.

After the launch iOS 11, all the Apple smartphone users will be able to translate from English to the following languages via Siri:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

The Cali-tech firm says that it will introduce further languages to the Siri translation with the passage of time.

How to use Siri translation via iOS 11?

siri translation

via iMore

Follow the instructions to translate English language into a foreign language:

  1. Hold down on the iPhone’s Home button as you normally do or say “Hey Siri.”
  2. Say something like “Translate [word or phrase] into [your chosen language maybe German, Italian, etc].”
  3. Tap the play button to have the Siri translated version of your words or phrases.

Have fun learning more languages and become a pro multi-lingual person with the upcoming feature of Siri.

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