Honda is all set to present its two astonishing designs of vehicles, the Urban EV concept and the CR-V Hybrid prototype in the coming Frankfurt Motor Show. The giant car manufacturer is expected to give the world of the electric car a new drive of its latest well-appraised designs. The automobile company promised to soon present a practical hybrid and EV versions of its model Clarity.


About Honda Urban EV Concept

honda urban ev concept

As per Honda, the Urban EV concept is composed specifically for the roads of Europe, aimed to work as a production model. The firm did not provide many details about the innovative EV concept, although we got a chance to get a photo which reveals not even the least.

The only thing that can be noticed in the photograph is the digital grille that symbolizes the charging percentage of the car, or we can also expect it to be a segment of the dashboard.

As far as the concept is concerned, we can foresee a very sumptuous yet practical vehicle moving on the modern streets of Europe.

About Honda CR-V Hybrid Prototype

hona hybrid cr v prototype

The CR-V Hybrid prototype will be the second flagship car we will witness in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Some observers suspect that it will be the same design lately shown in the Shangai this year because in the image provided the color looks so similar. If the guess is right, then for sure, it will feature 2.0-liter four-cylinder combined with a pair of electric motors.

Some rumors suggest that it might be the succeeding powertrain of the Honda Accord Hybrid. But at the time, it is listed as a prototype which will rush the road of the US. We can expect it to be one of the most selling models of the car titan just like its predecessors.