instagram stories

Snapchat stories have been opted by many famous social media platforms such as Facebook and its branch apps WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Instagram will bring its famous and trending stories now on the mobile web as well.


These stories are actually a thread of the day and night happenings of the users of the Facebook-owned photo app in the shape of pictures, quotes, videos, etc. These stories disappear right after the completion of 24-hours and for sure this feature is a clone of its much influential rival Snapchat.

Amazingly, Instagram now has more than 250 million users that post stories in just a day, this is even higher than the number of whole Snapchat users, Well, Well!

The popularity of these stories has urged Facebook to add this engaging feature to its other major apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and of course Facebook as well.

For viewing stories on the web version, you will just have to tap on the arrow buttons in order to browse the new stuff happening in your friends’ life. Moreover, the social media app also announced that its users will be able to send stories directly from the web version in the coming days of the month of September.