iphone 8

We have already come across a lot about the Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 8. But its price is another matter of concern, according to some leaks it would be the most expensive smartphone by Apple ever ranging between $999 and $1199. More interestingly, it will be the first phone ever from Apple to feature the latest OLED display, so it might be the reason maybe?


Benjamin Geskin, a credible source who has nearly revealed everything about iPhone 8, has added another information in the rumor mill of the new smartphone. Geskin has sourced someone official from the firm, who claims that the 64GB iPhone 8 is going to cost $999 while the other 256GB and 512GB models of the phone will cost a much expensive price of $1099 and $1199 respectively.

It is not the first news regarding the sumptuous price of iPhone 8 as many of us have already been hearing thousands of leaks about the costly smartphone for the few last months. To all the Apple fans, keep your wallets filled to get the most-anticipated device of the year.

Not as much surprising because it has become a trend of selling flagship smartphone at a price even higher than $1000 since last two years. Likewise, the Galaxy Note 8 is not any lesser in the race of extravagance, as its 64GB variant is priced at just under $950, whereas its 256GB variant has been sold in the market at the costlier price of approx. $1100.

Don’t be hassled, we will find out soon about all the mysteries about the enigmatic smartphone at the upcoming event of Apple on September 12th. So, prepare your money to grab your hands on the most amazing device of the Californian company.