SanDisk has created the world’s highest in capacity micro SD card with the storage of 400GB. This is hugely a great up-gradation from its 256GB micro SD card that was presented just a year ago. So buckle up folks, to carry as many files and your favorite photographs on your phone because this new SanDisk’s memory won’t be less enough. You can expect this microSD slot to function with the recently announced devices, LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact.


Features of SanDisk’s 400GB chip

The latest micro SD card possesses a speed of 100 MBs which is precisely enough to record a 4K video from your smartphone without fearing the memory shortage. Interestingly, users could enjoy a great transfer speed by transferring approx. 12,000 images per minute, WOW!

This new micro SD card owns the A1 App Performance Class Specification, enabling them apps to run faster than ever on your smartphone – this essentially refers to those handsets that have Adoptable storage feature, as many other phones do not run apps on the micro SD card slots.

The manufacturer of the new memory expansion card slot offers 10-year warranty with a price of $249.  So, hurry up and grab your hands on the highly-expanded memory saver by the one and only SanDisk.