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Apple is currently making headsets that will work by combining both Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, according to a recent report.

AR/VR Reality:

So far the Project code-name is T288 and the company aims to make high-resolution glass frame which will be 8K for each eye. Apple has been working on placing Augmented reality in its iPhones and iPads from last year and desire to do more said Apple CEO, Tim Cook. AR/VR headsets are made wireless which means you don’t need to tether it to PC or don’t need a smartphone to run. Instead, it will connect to a high-speed wireless powerful box, which is further operated by Processors made by apple.

Apple speculated to developing its own processors by the year of 2020 to terminate usage of Intel chips in MacBook. Probably, headsets are only a way to get consumer response on Apple processor or how well it goes.

Moreover, HTC Vive pro has the highest resolution frame of 2880 x 1600 present in the market due to this Apple wants to introduce more upgraded and well-featured version in the market. In contrast to HTC Vive users has to place base systems in the room to detect their location. But in Apple headsets, Each and everything will be pre-installed in Apple box.

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Seamlessly, AR/VR headsets can lay new foundations of communication and technology in near future. A report comes from CCS Insight which said that consumers will probably purchase 22 million VR/AR headsets and glasses this year. So we can assume from here how far Apple would go to bring newest technologies in the market.

The headsets are expected to be launch by 2020, the device will contain its own processing chips, display and operating system.

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