Recently, China accomplishes a milestone by conducting its first-ever rocket launch in history. OneSpace technologies is a private spaceflight company based in Beijing launched its OS-X rocket from the Northwestern base on Thursday. Reportedly the rocket reached an altitude of 25 miles (40 kilometers) and traveled almost 170 miles before falling back to base.

Til now Government’s China National Space Administration (CNSA) agency remain dominated in sending satellites, conducted several science missions, and send even people to space. It has also sent robots to Moon, placed two space stations in orbit. Later, the Chinese government has decided to bring in private space program enterprises too, so that state and private sector could collectively work together and start launching satellites in space.

The main purpose of the mission is to collect all data before starting the project with Aviation Industry Corporation of China which is established in 2015 by Government to strengthen relations between state-owned space center and private spaceflight company. “Our company will focus on the high-frequency emissions of carrier rockets, I hope we can become one of the biggest small-satellite launchers in the world,” said Shu Chang to Chinadaily in an interview, founder and CEO of OneSpace Technology, a private enterprise in Beijing.

“We will develop bigger rockets in the future and participate in the global competition,” stated CEO of OneSpace technology.

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The company also claims that the rocket construction takes almost one year to be fully functional and raised $78 million budget alongside for the accomplishment of this project. While giving an interview to CNN shu said, “When OneSpace was founded in 2015, we visited a lot of business insiders and experts, and they all said it’s impossible,” because the company has no funds to further elevate the rocket project, So they start with small saving and specifically designed those electric systems that are 10 times less heavy than usual electric system. With the passage of time Onespace become successful in the whole country.

OneSpace is also supporting many small-scale startups and assisting them to launch small satellites to improvise internet connection on trains, plans, and other public areas. The company also plans to launch 10 more rockets in 2019.




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