is a self-driving startup which is located in California has recently shared a video on Wednesday of its driverless car test on a public road of Texas. The video displays that the company is testing NISSAN NV200 on roads of Texas, surprisingly the car was moving empty without any driver on the seat.

The company aims to launch Autonomous taxi driving service in Frisco, Texas by the end of the year. For this reason, they are demonstrating Artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor technology powered cars to self-drive on the roads.

The video clearly shows that self-driving autonomous car navigates the whole street area make its way through traffic, efficiently drive through the parking lot, divergence through cross traffic. The video has been fast-forwarded which explains that the car was driving at a slow speed. Despite, it is still an impressive effort from the company to introduce such revolutionary idea.

“We are excited to bring our self-driving technology to Texas and we look forward to sharing more details with you as we get closer to launch!” the company said in a post.

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Earlier this year, company has revealed its plans for the self-driving technology which further gain momentum as the demand for autonomous vehicle increased in the market. However initially, the programme managers use the safety drivers to test how it will manage to navigate correctly on roads. But later, the drivers will be completely removed as per strategy.

The company also slowly educating and informing people about this new innovation, since the trial period is scheduled to start from July and operate for six months. This trial period is available for only office employees, residents and financers of Frisco. After the launch in July, they can order it by using app.

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