Facebook will probably launch its new smart speakers in the market. According to a report of CNBC, the company first planned to launch it at F8 conference but they reject the idea because of the increased issue over data privacy concerns of Cambridge Analytica scandal. Later, a news comes that Facebook may start with an international launch first.


The two smart devices:

The company is said to have working on two smart devices one is Amazon’s Echo and the other is Alphabet’s Google Home. One of them will come with a smart display screen and a camera, the other speaker will directly connect to Facebook messenger making it even more convenient to chat or video call with your friends.

These smart cameras also come with google voice assistant feature that links with Facebook artificial intelligence programme known as “M”.

M was a digital assistant chatbox and was able to analyze your conversation if you are talking about some prompt features like money. However, this programme was terminated in January because of its implementations and because of the fact that its always monitoring your conversations. But the M project was not completely closed Some of its concoctions are still running in form of few new projects like developing it into a voice assistant, complete voice commands, according to some sources. Facebook has also worked on speech recognition systems.

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At the F8 conference, Facebook introduced M translations that will collectively translate all foreign languages into other users messenger default language. This feature is important because having language translation is equally important for social connectivity.

The only hurdle which Facebook is currently facing in the launching of this device is the data privacy scandal, But it is interesting to see which market the company will target as both U.K and U.S markets are tangled due to this situation.