new headsets

Google’s new project of Augmented reality headsets is under process, according to some reports. The project will manufacture by Taiwanese computer maker Quanta, and the company will incorporate new Qualcomm QCS603  chips in AR headset so that the device can be powered by it, Reported by Winfuture.


The AR headsets intended to be a bit similar to Microsoft HoloLens but for now, the project is in initial stages of development. Microsoft HoloLens came out in 2016 which was used for designing, industries, and training. At that time Hololens gained popularity because of its mixed reality concepts and that it could be attached to Xbox game console.

Google wants to introduce an improvised AR headset therefore, they are making it tethered less which means you don’t need any kind of strings attached to it. It will be a self-contained device which explicitly runs by new Qualcomm chips. There are also some speculations ongoing about HoloLens that it might get an update this year and use same Qualcomm chips, which is precisely Qualcomm QSC603 four-core chips based on ARM architecture that will use in it.

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Google headsets use AR technology that will eventually cover the real world around you, while HoloLens merges virtual objects with your world making to be seen as a part of it, and not just cover them like in AR.

The expected name of the headset will be “Google A65” but no official release date has been disclosed yet by the company.

Reportedly, Google is also working on three new devices which will be named as Google pixel watch. Its exact release date hasn’t been confirmed so far but according to some sources it will be introduced along Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

It seems like the world is slowly moving towards augmented reality technology, where we will only surround by the things produced by artificial intelligence which we cannot feel yet it will only be confined to our eyes.