Microsoft has recently introduced 10 key enterprise feature updates for Windows 10. Now they are testing a new feature to add in upcoming major updates, which is Screenshot tool. Instead of placing screenshot tool button on the windows bar they have formulated a shortcut key because of which you can easily snip a screenshot (Win key + shift + S).

The screenshot feature in Windows 10 works a bit different from mobile, in smartphone whole screen is captured when you take a screenshot, while the new Microsoft feature update works like a snipping tool and will only allow you to capture the required area. You just drag the snipping tool over the image and it simply snip the screenshot. The new update also allows notifications so you can add notes and can share it instantly.

You can also exchange your previous print screen button with “Screenshot snip tool” so in this way you can get a quick access to screenshot.

Along with screenshot tool, some other features are also under trial. One of them is new design effect, the task view bar of Windows 10 now has a new blur effect in order to match the other effects in Windows 10 update. The focus assists that restraint unwanted notifications it will also work when you are playing any game or watching movies.

Microsoft is also going to add its former old panel sound feature into the main setting area and placing its High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) support in File Explorer.

One thing to be mentioned, that all these major changes have been made upon users comments and feedback, after that these updates put forward accordingly. So in case of any trouble, you can submit your queries to help service center.


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