Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed its new update for latest Windows 10, version 1803. Microsoft Windows 10 update has various minor changes that particularly doesn’t change Windows 10 overview but it has one prime feature which is the pinnacle of windows update. It’s the timeline feature that will let you resume your window where you had left.

Windows 10 also come along with some other features like quick Bluetooth pairing, dictation feature, easy sharing, “do not disturb” feature. Microsoft is improving its former ways, introducing some new effects and design system in windows.

Microsoft Windows 10 updated features:

Timeline “pick up from where you had left”:

The Timeline is the most awaited feature of Microsoft Windows that shows you the currently running bars in your account. It’s associated with task view tool and take screenshots of your activities for past 30 days. After that, you can check your screenshots by clicking on task tool and it shows you activities, websites or pages you have been visiting, documents and also allow you to reopened that website.

Microsoft edge does not disturb/mute tab button:

Microsoft added mute tab button so that you can silent the unnecessary voice coming out from different website sources and can also handle audio blasting from your speakers.

Progressive web apps (PWAs):

PWAs are those websites which operate under the support of Apple, Google and now Microsoft also includes to support PWAs (both smartphones and PCs OS). In this new update of April 2018, Microsoft added this feature.

Repair blurred apps:

Because of this feature, you can fix the blur apps which happens more often due to monitor change, So this feature will scale the apps and prevent it to become blur.

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Audio preferences:

Microsoft has added this new Audio preference that will let you customize audio level setting for both input and output according to the apps.

Bluetooth pairing:

Microsoft is now providing you the quickest and easiest way to pair Bluetooth devices. It will swiftly notify you to connect your device with Bluetooth peripheral and pair it.

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