Nokia 8110

Earlier this year at the Mobile world conference (MWC), Nokia has announced they are coming up with Nokia 8110 Matrix banana phone set. It’s time to go back in 1990’s with this iconic matrix set who had opted his name from the blockbuster movie called “The Matrix”.

Apparently, the company said that Nokia 8110 will go on sale in Asia by the end of May. According to CNET, it will first available in Singapore and Vietnam with a price of S$109 ($80, £60 and AU$107) respectively. It is a slider phone with a slight curve and will come in two suitable colors Yellow and black.

This iconic model equipped with 2.4-inch QVGA display with 2 Mega-pixel of rear mounted camera. The phone supports 25 days of battery standby that’s more than enough to use. The company also said that it will come with 4G internet and access to google play store from which you can download Google assistant, Google maps, Twitter, Facebook or any other app you like.

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The best thing about this 8110 that it also comes with a new upgraded version of snake game, the very own game you were used to playing in your childhood and it has made its way to revive your memories.

As we all know, this is not the first time that Nokia reinvented something from past. A few days back, the company announced that launch of Nokia X series which apprehends the name of its Symbian variant model released in 2009, and Now the 8110 matrix banana phone which will take you back in the era of slider cell phones. It will come soon in other Global markets as well.

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