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Tinder is testing a new location-tracking feature


Tinder is currently testing a new location tracking feature which will help you to meet up in person. Location tracking is particularly a part of Dating service tool just like Facebook is going to introduce in the time ahead.

Tinders director Jeff Morris Jr recently tweeted about this new service. He also that Tinder is currently working on dating service which includes location tracking, looping videos, and much more. Looks like the company is endeavoring every tool and technique to make this new feature more popular than any other dating app.

Tinder marks the first position among other dating apps in terms of introducing tinder loop, users can easily make videos then quickly upload them, you can set the video duration according to your own choice. They are also testing another interesting feature called message first, it is made specifically for women in order to let them text first.

One thing to be mentioned here, Location tracking feature will only work within a certain radius. If you and other person are present at a nearby location only then it will be able to track you.

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Mark Zuckerburg at F8 developers conference announced that Facebook is going to introducing dating tools. Company CEO also said that dating service will make sure “long-term relationships” the one we are looking for. Just after one week of this announcement, Tinder disclosed some facts about his new service.

Tinder has collaborated with Mapbox and Foursquare so that it will also show or guide you about the places you can visit and search for other people who have been there. You can also select the place of your own choice and get some wonderful experience.

According to some sources, dating app trend has increased among youth as they are approaching more towards it. Therefore, many social media platforms begin to launch numerous dating apps over the course of time. We just have to wait how Tinder made its way among them.


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